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Lilian Bowes Lyon (1895-1949), first cousin to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was brought up at Ridley Hall, Bardon Mill, Northumberland, and that terrain characterizes her poems.
Her first book was The White Hare (London, 1934). Her Collected Poems appeared in London in 1948. Book List
Why a Lilian Bowes Lyon page?
The Edwardian autograph book contains some wonderful verse and pieces of photography and art, but it was the famous surname that caught my particular attention and has since taken me on many journeys. I have since visited Ridley Hall and made some polite enquiries. My daughter, Laura wrote to the Queen Mother in 1997 and her kind reply really set us on our way.
I have fragments of her life in various texts, from a single paragraph in a royal biography to extracts from journals of her contemporaries. I have all of her poetry books and both novels. The autograph album contains two poems by Lilian, aged 13.
I would like this part of my website to be devoted to keeping her memory alive through an increasing variety of sources and to gradually piece together a commemorative biography. If you have any photographs or writings then please contact me. Thank you.